.: welcome to our new site

The rust from the old site was showing through and was in dire need of updates and a fresh paint job. If you notice any issues, problems, or even have site ideas or suggestions please contact the web admin at webadmin@computer-house.net


.: 20 years of sales & service

ComputerHouse, Inc. is celebrating two decades of sales and service to the Greater Sacramento community. We have strived to provide the best customer service possible to our clients and would like to do so for another 20 years and more! Many small and large outlets have gone out of business while our model of personable, quality customer service has remained. Our strength will continue to be building quality custom computers for our clients as well as a high level of service satisfaction on all repair and network jobs.

.: new location

If it has been awhile since your last visit, we are no longer at our 2250 Sunrise address and moved closer to the mall's anchor store 24 Hour Workout. This new location has been remodeled to better fit our business as well as enhanced our visibility to the local mall customers and Sunrise traffic.

.: go portable for as low as $499.00!

We do not just sell custom personal computers but also high quality notebooks. If you ever heard of the IBM Thinkpad, then you likely know that it excelled in quality and customer service. These notebooks were manufactured by a company called Lenovo. While IBM has moved out of the notebook business, Lenovo still manufactures these quality notebooks with the same quality customer service as IBM. With support out of Atlanta Georgia, Lenovo is one of the few companies that do not outsource its customer service overseas.


.: thank you for visiting this site

We thank you for taking the time to look over this site and considering us as your sales and service company for any and all types of computers, notebooks, monitors, printers, software, and other accessories and peripherals. If you are already a client, ComputerHouse wishes to extend a thank you for your loyal patronage and hope to continue to be your primary source for all your computer needs.

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